KRT Appraisal Hired to Measure and List all Properites in Kingston, MA

The Town of Kingston has contracted with KRT Appraisal to measure and list all 4,494 properties within the Town of Kingston. This project will begin on January 26th, 2016 and be completed by June 30th, 2017. KRT Appraisal employees in the field will have a KRT Appraisal Identification Badge and a letter of introduction from the Town. This letter will explain the purpose of the visit as well as introduce the Data Collector and the vehicle they will be driving.

If someone is home, the Data Collector will be asking to inspect the interior of the property to verify existing data on file with the Assessor's Office. If no one is home a post card will be left informing the property owner that someone was there. The Town appreciates taxpayer cooperation through this process as data verification is an important part of the overall assessment process.

KRT Appraisal will be using a laser measuring device instead of a standard tape measure. This device, produced by 3D Data Ltd, has transformed the way building measurement data is collected in the assessing industry. This device uses lasers to collect millions of data points on a given building simply by walking around the footprint of a building. These data points create a 3 demensional representation of the building which are easily converted to a sketch diagram accurate to within a couple of inches. The final output is entered into the Town's appraisal software along with the other data verified during the site visit.